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Walldecoration with style

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful wall decoration  - a mural - in your bedroom, children's room, guest room or other room?

Or are you looking for a stylish wall painting for your business, shop window or meeting room?

We have the creativity to transform your boring walls.




No more boring walls, promise!


#mural #wallsticker #wall deccoration

Wall Mural

Some of realisations  ...

Wall Mural 'Love is ...'


Wall Mural: Diningroom


Wall Mural - Worldmap : adventure awaits ...


Wallstickers are also stylish !

A wide range of wall stickers on permanent vinyl ... truly customised!

Wall decoration - Office

Kantoor-muursticker 35-25cmWallsticker 'Dream big'

Polaranimal collection

speelkamer-muursticker 35-25cmWallsticker

Design is my life, my play, my world

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