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Welcome in Finnish Lapland








In Lapland there are not 4 but 8 different seasons.

For the inhabitants of Lapland - the Sami - four seasons were not enough in earlier times. They divided time into eight seasons.

The four main seasons were thus supplemented by four "half-seasons"

Each season is named after its character:

  • winter frost,
  • unbreakable snow crust,
  • ice melt,
  • midnight sun,
  • harvest,
  • autumn colours (ruska in Finnish),
  • first snow, and
  • polar night.


I made an art collection from these Lapland’s eight seasons, as decreed by the Sámi!

Discover the entire collection Lapland8Seasons

Lapland8Seasons - artvsartist

Lapland8Seasons ART COLLECTION

Discover the story behind each artwork ...

  1. FrostyWinter-SpringWinter-Lapland8SeasonsSpring-Winter | Frosty Winter - Artwork: Frozen Forest
  2. Spring-CrustySnow-Lapland8SeasonsSpring | Crusty snow - Artwork: Crusty Freshness
  3. DepartureOfIce-FloatingIce-Lapland8SeasonsSpring-Summer | Departure Of Ice- Artwork: Floating Ice
  4. Midnightsun-Summer-Lapland8SeasonsSummer - Artwork: Midnightsun
  5. Redbubble collectieLapland 8 Seasons Artcollection
  6. HarvestSeason-ReturnofLadyAurora-Lapland8SeasonsSummer-Autumn | Harvest season - Artwork: Return of Lady Aurora
  7. Autumn-Ruska-Lapland8SeasonsAutumn | Colorfull Autumn - Artwork: Ruska
  8. FirstSnow-Snowflakes-Lapland8SeasonsAutumn-Winter | First Snow - Artwork: Snowflakes
  9. DeepWinter-Kaamos-Lapland8SeasonsWinter | Deep Winter Christmas - Artwork: Kaamos
  10. Summer-SweetSummer-Lapland8SeasonsSummer - Artwork: Sweet summer evening
  11. Autumn-IndianSummer-Lapland8SeasonsAutumn | Colorfull Autumn - Artwork: Indian Summer
  12. FirstSnow-GreenReflection-Lapland8SeasonsAutumn-Winter | First Snow - Artwork: Green Reflection
  13. FrostyWinter-Lapland8SeasonsSpring-Winter - Artwork: Pink Frosty Morning
  14. Autumn-Harvest Season-Lapland8SeasonsSummer-Autumn | Artwork: First glimmer of the Northern Lights
  15. NorthernLightsPitch-Lapland8SeasonsSpring | Artwork: Northern Lights Pitch
  16. Awaken-Lapland8SeasonsSpring-Summer - Artwork: Awaken
  17. Summer-EndlessSummer-Lapland8SeasonsSummer | Artwork: Nightless nights
  18. GoldenHour-Lapland8SeasonsAutumn | Artwork: Golden Hour


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In love ... Far to the north, there is a place that is just so magical that you just fall in love with it.

Welcome to explore the 8 Seasons of Lapland!


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Welcome in Finnish Lapland
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Cool Trendy COMPANIONS on YOUR TRIP to Lapland

  1. DepartureOfIce-FloatingIce-Lapland-Illustrator Aurealis Creatief Floating ice
  2. Autumn-IndianSummer-Lapland-Aurealis creatiefIndianSummer
  3. Harvest-Lapland-AurealisCreatiefReturn of Lady Aurora
  4. FirstSnow-Snowflakes-Lapland-design-aurealisCreatief Snowflakes
  5. SummerOnitsEnd-Lapland-illustratie Aurealis Creatief Summer End
  6. Autymn-Ruska-Lapland-aurealisCreatief Ruska


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